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[Tweak] Fresh 2go IMEIs For Free Gigabytes On Your Android Phone

Read Carefully below @866480013256001 @866480013256020 @866480013256112 @866480013256870 @866480013256003 @866480013256870 @866480013256523 @866480013256723 @866480013256321 @866480013256862 @866480013256552 @866480013256004 @866480013256040 @866480013256505 @866480013256762 @866480013256523 @866480013256433 Just to make sure that these IMEI is okay, analyze it with this online IMEI analyzer ==>>http:// How To Use The 2go MB/GB On Android Via Psiphon Checkout this hottest blazing Psiphon Configurations; = => for your phone APN set up, leave it at the mtn default APN = => You need Psiphon apk handler version, = => After downloading and installing the Psiphon, launch it and set it up as follows; = > On the open Psiphon handler come down and tick Remove Port = > Under it you will see Proxy Type, just tap and choose Real Host = > Come down to Proxy Server and input ZZbedfgGaeBCekQvI/ = > Now scroll down to Real Proxy Type and tap the default to select HTTP = > under Real Proxy Server input and 8080 for Real Proxy Port = > Then scroll down to the bottom and click Save Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device to bring you to the next phase = > Here choose the Option Menu = > Under this Option menu, you will see select region, tap and select USA or JAPAN = > Still on the Option menu, you will see the More Option tab below, tap it and then come under proxy Settings and tick the Connect through an HTTP check box = > Still on the More Option, select Use network settings first, so if that doesn't connect den tick on use the following settings = > then come down to Host Address and input and 8080 for Port Go back now to the main page of the Psiphon and Connect!!!

Published By LORDMIDO 2017-03-17 13:08

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