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Xtgem Filelist
Add block » Advanced » Advanced » Filelist
A Simple File List; This function creates a list of links to the files in a named folder. There are settings for sort type, sort direction, folder and number of links per page.
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<xt:filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="desc" folder="/my/folder" template="" per_page="10" />

Folders In The List
If your filelist folder contains sub-folders each sub-folder should also contain its own index page with a copy of your filelist code.
Advanced Filelist
Using html you can also set a custom output template and filter.
NOTE: The reserved characters in your template MUST be converted to the NAMED html entity equivalent
< = & lt;
> = & gt;
& = & amp;
" = & quot;

Forced Download
You can force a file to download instead of opening with a special "get" variable added to the file url
?xt_download=1 Filelist Template Variables "parsed" option has underscores converted to spaces.
"base" option returns the file name without the extension.
.file_type. returns the name of the icon file (without .png extension) as used by the Xtgem filebrowser for that type of file.
.file_size. .file_size_kb.
.file_date. .file_time.


Enter your filter text, Use the query (?) to replace any one character, Use the asterisk 0 to replace any sequence or string of characters. If the first character in the filter is minus 0 the filter will become negative.
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